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    • July 12, 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • In person at the Roper Mountain Mountain Observatory. This is an IN PERSON ONLY Event
    • 11

    Celebrating the James Webb Space Telescope's First Images


    Join us in person at the Roper Mountain Science Center's Planetarium for a live stream event from NASA. The James Webb Space telescope (JWST) images are from infrared, non-visible spectrums and do require some interpretation.  An expert panel will review the first images taken by the JWST and explain what we are seeing! 

    Special Notes:  

    • This event will be IN PERSON ONLY and will take the place of our regularly scheduled club meeting for July. 
    • This event is limited to 60 parking spots, so please indicate the number of vehicles for you and your guests
    • This event is on a special day and time: We will meet on Tuesday evening instead of Thursday evening, and will begin when the live stream begins: 6:00pm
    • More information about the JWST

Past events

June 16, 2022 Astronomy on the High Seas: The True Adventures of a Viking Resident Astronomer
May 19, 2022 NASA's Lucy Mission - First Exploration of the Trojan Asteroids
April 21, 2022 The Mysterious Great Dimming of Betelgeuse
March 17, 2022 Phaethon and the Geminids: How Asteroids Fall Apart
February 17, 2022 Simplify Astrophotography with the ZWO ASIAIR Pro
January 20, 2022 The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)
December 04, 2021 December Star Party
October 21, 2021 Making Contact: Jill Tarter and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
September 16, 2021 How galaxies are influenced in the Universe
August 19, 2021 The Formation of Planets: Progress, Problems, and Prospects
June 17, 2021 Lucy and Europa Clipper: The Next NASA Missions to Jupiter's Orbit
May 20, 2021 Arne Henden-Variable Stars and minor planet astrometry
March 18, 2021 March Meeting: PLUTO OUR DISTANT COUSIN
February 18, 2021 The Human Cosmos
January 21, 2021 Planet Patrol: A NASA Citizen Science Program to Discover New Exoplanets
January 16, 2021 Star Party-Jan is cancelled due to Covid-19 risk
December 17, 2020 The Latest Gravitational Wave Events
November 19, 2020 November Club Meeting: Long Period Variable (LPV) Stars in Globular Clusters
November 13, 2020 Under One Sky 2020 Global Conference-International Dark Sky
October 15, 2020 David Moffett-Strange Stellar Remnants
October 01, 2020 Galileo and the Science Deniers
September 17, 2020 Virtual Tour of the World Largest Meteorite Collection
August 20, 2020 Josh Palmer - Planetary and ISS Photography
July 16, 2020 Club Monthly Meeting - July
June 18, 2020 June Monthly Club Meeting
May 21, 2020 May Club Monthly Meeting
April 24, 2020 Livestream Star Party - Whipple Observatory
April 23, 2020 April Club Monthly Meeting- Will be on-line
April 23, 2020 Southern Star Astronomy Convention - Canceled
April 19, 2020 International Dark Sky Week
April 18, 2020 Star Party April-Canceled
March 21, 2020 The March Star Party is canceled
March 19, 2020 March Club Monthly Meeting is Cancelled
March 04, 2020 Special Presentation : MONSTERS IN THE COSMIC SEA
February 22, 2020 Star Party February
February 20, 2020 February Club Monthly Meeting -- Canceled due to weather
February 10, 2020 Seeds in Space
January 25, 2020 Star Party
January 21, 2020 Project Artemis-Forward to the Moon
January 16, 2020 January Club Monthly Meeting
November 23, 2019 Star Party
November 21, 2019 November RMA Club Meeting
November 14, 2019 November RMA Board Meeting
October 05, 2019 Star Party Rain Date
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