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  • Josh Palmer - Planetary and ISS Photography

Josh Palmer - Planetary and ISS Photography

  • August 20, 2020
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Invitations will be sent for online meeting


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Presentation:  Planetary and ISS Imaging

LINK to Powerpoint Slides with notes


Have you ever looked at photos of planets like Jupiter or Saturn, and thought "I wonder if I could do that?" Did you know that it's possible to take closeup pictures of the International Space Station from your backyard? Please join us for our August meeting, along with club member Josh Palmer, as he discusses how you can take your own photos of these fascinating objects with amateur equipment. We'll investigate the hardware, software, and processing steps you'll need to get started or to further improve your images. 


  • Planning (Mobile Apps)
  • Equipment (Telescope, Camera, Computer)
  • Video capture (FireCapture)
  • Image stacking & sharpening (Autostakkert and Registax)
  • Derotation (WinJUPOS)
  • Post Processing (Photoshop Elements & Lightroom)

Speaker:  Josh Palmer

Josh Palmer has been a member of the RMA since 2015, after moving from the suburban lights to rural Greenville County. Josh specializes in high speed Solar System photography, including Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the International Space Station, and the Moon. He captures photos with a Celestron telescope from his back porch, and looks forward to assisting others with the process of Solar System imaging. You can find more of his photos here on the site, on the Alt+Azimuth Photography Facebook page, or you can also find him hovering over the snack table at the next club meeting.

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