1453479_569438256459557_731226849_n.jpgGodzilla is a 17.5-inch reflector telescope designed and built by Gayle Riggsbee for the Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club. The telescope is built on a former U-Haul trailer frame highly modified by Gayle to hold the Split-ring style mount. The telescope sports an RA drive powered by AC, a pneumatic RA/Dec lock, onboard air tank, ladder, and a rotating upper cage assembly so the eyepiece can be rotated to a comfortable position. The Roper Mountain Astronomers purchased Godzilla from the CAAC when that club decided to build a 24″ telescope. Godzilla crew: Sam Hadel, Mike Fedor, Tim Sullivan


We bring Godzilla to our Star Parties as well as to RMA outreach programs.