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Meade ETX 90 telescope with Meade #884 Deluxe Field Tripod - $150

  • September 12, 2022 2:37 PM
    Message # 12916048

    Meade 90mm OTA with Deluxe tripod. Good condition with a few small nicks in the tripod case.

    Optical Tube Assembly

    • 90mm aperture
    • f/13.8 focal ratio
    • 1250mm focal length
    • Maksutov-Cassegrain optical configuration
    • Front convex meniscus lens corrects spherical and chromatic aberrations and comas (off-axis aberrations) across the entire field of view
    • Smaller secondary mirror versus Schmidt-Cassegrains reduces obstructions and increases contrast
    • Proprietary Ultra-High Transmission Coating (UTHC) system improves light transmission for brighter images and increases color fidelity and contrast
    • Resolution: 1.29 arcsec
    • Internal flip mirror for dual viewing: Find, center, and focus a target object visually with an eyepiece, then photograph it with a camera without changing gear
    • Internal focusing system
    • Vixen-style dovetail plate

    AudioStar Hand Controller

    • 2-line LED display
    • 20-key alphanumeric keypad, red LED backlight
    • 68HC11, 8MHz processor
    • Built-in red utility light
    • 30,000+ object database
    • User-friendly menu-driven system navigation
    • Slew speeds: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 0.5°/sec, 1°/sec, 1.5°/sec, 4°/sec (max)
    • Assisted alignment procedures: Easy (Two-Star), One-star, Two-star, Three-star
    • Customizable guided tours for specific date, time, and location
    • Built-in speaker provides descriptions of over 500 objects including scientific data and history
    • Projects events to plan future astronomy sessions such as sunrises/sunsets, moon phases/moonrises/moonsets, meteor showers; lunar/solar eclipses, equinoxes/solstices
    • Backlash compensation allows user to train out the intrinsic play between gears to improve GoTo and tracking accuracy
    • Powered by mount to be lighter and easier to use
    • 24" coiled cord
    • Updatable via Internet using RS-232 port
    • Database details:
    • Solar system, including Moon, Sun, planets
    • Comets and asteroids
    • 88 major constellations
    • Popular named objects
    • Galaxies, quasars, and nebulae
    • Multiple catalogs including Messier, Caldwell, and NGC
    • Stars, including named stars, SAO catalog, double stars, variable stars
    • Satellites, including the International Space Station (ISS) and Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
    • User-defined astronomical and terrestrial objects
    • Dimensions:
    • Length: 6.6" (17cm)
    • Width, top: 3.2" (80cm)
    • Width, bottom: 2.25" (57cm)
    • Depth: 0.8" (21cm)
    • Weight: 17.9 oz (508g)

    Mount and Tripod

    • Mount:
    • Dual-tine alt-azimuth fork
    • Vixen-style dovetail saddle
    • 1/4"-20 mount to attach onto many photo/video/field tripods
    • Dual DC servo motors with encoders
    • Bearings: Altitude: UHMW polyethylene; Azimuth: PTFE
    • Runs on six user-supplied AA batteries with a max runtime of 20 hours when using AudioStar
    • Compact design: 15x7x9"
    • Tripod:
    • Adjustable height
    • Stainless steel legs
    • Leg-locking plate for additional stability
    • Center column hook for bags, weights, or anchors to add stability and reduce vibrations
    • Equatorial mounting plate for precise polar alignment required for long-exposure astrophotography

    Included Accessories

    • Finder:
    • Unmagnified, enables fast and easy alignment
    • Simple red-dot reticle won't obscure small or dim targets
    • Adjustable intensity
    • Eyepieces:
    • 1.25"-diameter barrel
    • Accepts most 1.25" astronomical filters
    • 26mm Super Plössl produces 48x
    • 9.7mm Super Plössl produces 129x
    • Carrying Options:
    • Hard carrying case with custom-cut foam lining for OTA, mount and accessories
    • exterior protects during transport and storage
    • Carrying bag for tripod with shoulder strap

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