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July Meeting: Practical Astronomy Topics ( Session 1)

  • July 15, 2021
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Roper Mountain Science Center, Daniels Conference Room



Topic :   Practical Astronomy topics


We have had fantastic guest speakers for our monthly meetings. We have also seen that other clubs have meetings with just the members discussing projects that they are working on or equipment and software that they use.  These meetings will allow us to share our personal and practical knowledge about our hobby.  Please contact one of the board members if you wish to discuss a topic.  We will also have an open forum session for everyone to be heard. Three of our members will share with you how they perform very different aspects of astrophotography.  If you are a beginner or even someone with advanced skills I can assure you that you will learn something new and exciting. 


Session 1 - EAA Electronically Assisted Astronomy by Randy Cockrill. 

Are you underwhelmed by the view of deep space objects through your eyepiece and would like to see galaxies, nebula and star clusters in real time with modest equipment from your light polluted yard? EAA can do all that. This talk with focus on what EAA is, what you need to do it, and how Randy uses the EAA software Sharpcap for real-time observing and photography. 

Session2 - Satellite observing and photography by Josh Palmer

Have you ever watched the ISS pass overhead and wondered if you could possibly take a photo of it as it passes? Well, in this session Josh will share with us how he tracks satellites, both for observation and photographing and walk us through the software products and procedures he uses to take amazingly detailed satellite photos. Included will be details on choosing targets, downloading TLE files, and synchronizing our clocks. 

Session 3 - Permanent outdoor telescopes with wireless remote access by Edward Overstreet 

Wish you did not have to setup and takedown your equipment for each session? Or wish you could sit in your warm house in winter and operate all your equipment remotely? In this session Edward will walk you through how he has built and remotely operates three permanently mounted telescopes in his backyard year-round.  He will share information on all the software and hardware products he uses to make this possible. 

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