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Skyview Pro Equatorial Mounts for sale

  • February 15, 2024 5:19 PM
    Message # 13316290

    I have two Skyview pro Equatorial mounts for sale in excellent condition.    Includes TrueTrack dual-axis electronic drive with right ascension and declination stepper motors that provide tracking.  Note these are not goto mounts, but will track once centered on an object.  Hand controller will move the mount to help fine positioning the object.  Larger movements are done with control knobs.  Supports 20lb payload.

    Workflow:  1. polar align.  2. Using the control knobs move the mount in the area of the object.  3. Use the hand controller to do precise positioning.  4.  Mount will track  from that point on.

    The two are identical with the exception only one of the mounts had a polar scope. However, you can buy one on amazon for $40.   I never used one. I used a GLP to polar align.  I included a picture of the tool I made (tool not included).

    I liked using this mount as I could set up quickly via the alignment tool and be off to observing within a few minutes.  Runs "forever" (well at least several sessions) on 4 D cell batteries.  I had two of these as I often set up two scopes for visual observing. Good for shorter exposure planetary imaging.  Longer exposures would depend on accuracy of polar alignment or using drift alignment.

    DIY project:  I have also included a picture of a modification made by someone on FB using the OnStep controller to turn it into a goto mount for imaging.

    They have similar functionality as this mount:

    $190 w/polar scope, $150 wo/polar scope. 

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